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Education Ministries

American Baptist Home Mission Societies is committed to providing and supporting educational opportunities for American Baptists that enable and empower students and ministerial leaders to grow both personally and professionally.

The American Baptist Financial Aid Program offers tuition scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as seminaries. This program is funded by investment income from endowments—given by generous individuals, churches and organizations who shared a commitment to educational opportunities—that have grown over decades.

Also, through American Baptist Home Mission Societies relates to 16 colleges and universities and 10 seminaries and theological schools across the United States and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Continuing education helps ministerial leaders meet the challenges of religious and public life by deepening biblical knowledge and theological understanding, providing for learning new ministry skills and encouraging self-evaluation and renewal.

To encourage and support continuing professional development, American Baptist Home Mission Societies provides “Cultivating NEW LIFE” grants for attending conferences, workshops and seminars focused on congregational transformation, discipleship, church administration, evangelism, personal renewal and spiritual formation. Also,American Baptist Home Mission Societies awards grants—along with continuing education credit—for attendance at American Baptist Churches USA-sponsored conference and workshops.

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