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May 02, 2016

New Hampshire youth raise pennies
Youth of First Baptist Church in New London, N.H., gathered 60,000 pennies to represent each child in the state who suffers from hunger.
The Penny Project seeks to raise awareness of the extent of child poverty throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and support for programs and ministries responding to the needs of children in poverty. Inspired by the example of the youth of First Baptist Church in New London, N.H.—who raised 60,000 pennies to represent the number of children living in poverty in their state—American Baptist Home Mission Societies is encouraging the youth of American Baptist Churches USA to raise 14 million pennies to represent the number of children living in poverty in the United States and Puerto Rico.

If your group would like to be part of The Penny Project, use the menu to the left to see who is already involved, register your group, and download the resources you need to get started in this nation-wide effort.

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Listen to the podcast of Eleven-year-old Kylen Rowland sharing her inspiration for the one-girl Penny Project she launched at the age of 9.

Christian Citizen Vol 1

Change for Children:
Seeking God’s Kingdom Through The Penny Project

This issue of The Christian Citizen provides an update on The Penny Project and the ways in which American Baptist individuals and organizations are leading the way in raising awareness of and aiding children in poverty in the United States and Puerto Rico.


Listen to the podcast of the College Park, Md., youth sharing the story of their Penny Project participation, which included a trip to Washington, D.C.'s Capitol Hill!

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Living Word Baptist Church, Beachwood, N.J., Penny Project participants share their excitement about raising money for the BackPack Program of The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

'A penny for your thoughts' Penny Project participants share their excitement

Associated Baptist Press features a story about The Penny Project.

Half way to 14 million ABHMS Penny Project reaches halfway mark to 14 million goal

Through The Penny Project, launched nationally by American Baptist Home Mission Societies in 2009, American Baptists have collected more than 7 million pennies to support programs aimed at improving the lives of children limited by poverty and to raise awareness of the number of children living without adequate nurturance today. FULL STORY

Penny Projects surpasses 5 million ABHMS Penny Project surpasses 5 million

The Penny Project of American Baptist Home Mission Societies
(ABHMS)—which encourages churches and other ministries to raise 14 million pennies to represent and aid children newborn to age 18 living in poverty in the United States and Puerto Rico—has surpassed 5 million pennies. While the achievement is remarkable, even more so is the story of one church that helped in exceeding the milestone—namely, New Creation Baptist Church, Wheaton, Md. FULL STORY

Marion Mass Stolen penny jar means no small change for Wisconsin congregation

It started out as a simple idea. Members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Madison, Wis., decided to use The Penny Project as a hands-on way to teach children of the church a lesson in compassion, giving, and loving their neighbor. There was just one problem. God has a tendency to take small steps of faith and turn them into big leaps of spiritual growth. FULL STORY

Marion Mass Massachusetts congregation exceeds penny project goal

Since September 2009, the Community Baptist Church of Marion, Mass., has been participating in the Penny Project. A goal of $2,023 or 202,300 pennies was set—one cent for each child living in poverty in Massachusetts. By the end of February, the church had exceeded its goal! FULL STORY

Penny Project Challenge American Baptist churches turn pennies into powerful change for children’s lives

Through The Penny Project, American Baptists have been challenged to raise 14 million pennies… FULL STORY

Change your clocks Plan a "Change-Your-Clocks and Bring-Your-Change-to-Church Sunday" in your church!
To encourage support for The Penny Project and to mark the end of
daylight saving time, University Baptist Church (UBC) in College Park,
Md, is dedicating November 1 as “Change-Your-Clocks and Bring-Your-Change-to-Church” Sunday. The idea grew out of discussions among
the children... FULL STORY
Penny Project collection table West Virginia church
collects small coins for a big cause

Everyone knows a penny doesn't hold much value these days. Often it seems not worth the effort to stoop down and grab a shiny one from the sidewalk. ... FULL STORY
On the Sunday the church announced the program, the congregation set up containers in front of the sanctuary   to collect coins for children who live in poverty.
Penny Project Launch National Ministries launches Penny Project to aid children in poverty

National Ministries launched its national Penny Project—aimed at addressing the needs of children in poverty—at the annual meeting of American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire on
June 6.... FULL STORY

IMPORTANT: When you have become a registered group and have started collecting, please login regularly to enter the current total amount that your group has received from your collection effort. Also login to tell us specific stories about what God is doing through your Penny Project effort. We will put some of these stories in the American Baptist Home Mission Societies publications so that the larger ABCUSA family can celebrate the impact that you are making to help children and their families who are living in poverty.
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